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Fun Facts From Renting To Owning According to a report by Fannie Mae, 74% of consumers plan to buy a home the next time they move. This included 43% of consumers that are currently renting.  The interesting fact is that 9 out of 10 consumers overstated or didn’t know the minimum down payment required for most mortgage programs. The great news is that […]
Fun Facts 15-Year Mortgages Interest rates have leveled off at around 7% over the last couple of months. Interestingly, the 15-year mortgage is a more reasonable 6.375% right now. If you are looking for a lower rate and are willing to pay a higher monthly payment, this may be a good option. The other benefit of a 15-year mortgage […]
Fun Facts Fourth of July Slowdown Showings during the week of the 4th is one of the slowest periods of the year. This data comes from home builders that track the number of potential Buyers that visit the model homes.   This same trend is shown in showing data for resale homes. This trend usually only lasts for the week, though, […]
Fun Facts Ninety Eight Percent Properties in Northern Colorado sell for 98% of their list price on average. This single statistic communicates two interesting facts about the market. First, this is not a market full of desperate sellers who are willing to accept low ball offers. Second, properties that are priced right are the ones that are selling. So, if […]
Fun Facts Inventory Solstice There is a significant transition that is taking place in the Northern Colorado market. There is now more inventory on the market at this time of year than at any time since 2020. 2020 marked a turning point in the market where both interest rates and inventory plummeted. For many years, the market has been […]
Fun Facts Mid-Month Check-In Here is a look at the Northern Colorado market halfway through June compared to the same time last year. Inventory is climbing at a healthy rate in both Larimer and Weld County giving more options for buyers. Larimer County inventory is up 18% and Weld’s is up 13%. Meanwhile, sales are down slightly which is […]
Fun Facts Not Delinquent As a sign of the overall health of the U.S. real estate market, single-family mortgages that are ‘seriously delinquent’ only represent 0.51% of all single-family mortgages. This percentage is lower than last month and lower than last year. A mortgage is considered ‘seriously delinquent’ if it is more than 90 days past due. To put […]
Fun Facts Been a Long Time Highlighting that inventory has been very low for a very long time is the fact that the number of homes available in Northern Colorado today most closely resembles 2015. It has been almost 10 years since buyers have had the selection that they have now. Even though inventory is up over last year, and way […]
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Fun Facts Midway Check-In We are halfway through May. This is how the numbers stack up versus the exact time last year. Larimer County: Inventory up 26% Closings down 4% Average Prices up 13% Weld County: Inventory up 18% Closings up 6% Average Prices down 5%
Fun Facts More Powerful As the saying goes, Superman is more powerful than a steaming locomotive (and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound)! In real estate, supply and demand is more powerful than interest rates (and able to push price appreciation year after year)! The fact that prices keep rising in Northern Colorado, even though interest […]
Fun Facts $700-Plus The average price in Larimer County is well over $700,000. For all closings in April, the numbers came in at $721,000. People who have lived in Northern Colorado may have a hard time believing that. The market here has certainly seen significant growth in the last 20 years. Here is something remarkable about the April […]
Blog The Last Decade                             Did you know home values in Larimer County have more than doubled in the last ten years? Larimer County average prices are up 125% compared to 2014.  Weld County’s are up 134% Here’s where it gets interesting… Many people would guess […]
Fun Facts Strong Start April real estate is off to a strong start in Northern Colorado. Larimer County sales are up 20% compared to last April. Pending sales are 7% higher. Weld County sales are up 16% and pendings are up 30%. This is despite the fact that rates are slightly higher than one year ago. It looks like […]
Fun Facts Flipping Out Here are some interesting facts from Attom Data’s report on House Flipping. Last year there were just under 309,000 flips of homes or condominiums which represents 8% of all transactions across the U.S. 37% of those were financed transactions and 63% were all cash The average gross profit for a house flip is $63,000
Fun Facts Staying Steady Because mortgage rates have not decreased yet this year, many are wondering what that means for Northern Colorado home sales. Transaction count is staying relatively steady compared to 2023. Total sales year to date are down slightly (6%) versus last year. At this point in 2023, there were a total of 1434 closings in Northern […]
Fun Facts Five by Five Here’s a fun fact about the current inventory along the Front Range. The number of properties for sale is five times as many versus the all-time low in 2022. And, it is one-fifth as many compared to the all-time high in 2006. Also, it is half of the long-term average. So, selection is much higher […]
Fun Facts No Omens Shakespeare famously wrote, “beware the Ides of March” in reference to March 15th. However, when it comes to luxury real estate, there doesn’t seem to be any bad news on the horizon. Instead, properties priced over $1 million are certainly on the upswing. So far this year, there have been 26% more sales of luxury […]
Fun Facts Seller Beware As interest rates have gone up, buyers’ tolerance has gone down. Generally speaking, the mindset of buyers now is dramatically different from two to three years ago. Buyers used to be more open-minded and flexible and now that has changed. Higher rates have caused them to be far less tolerant of: Aggressive pricing Wear and […]
Blog Leap Year The statistic that is leaping so far in 2024 is inventory. Northern Colorado is seeing a big uptick in number of homes for sale. However, it is not an alarming amount and is still a ‘Seller’s Market’ by definition. Larimer County inventory is up 39% and Weld County is up 48%. Months of inventory is […]
Fun Facts Normal Timing After three years of abnormally low Days on Market, properties today are settling into a more normal and more reasonable length of time on the market. Days on Market today stands at: 53 Days in Larimer County 66 Days in Weld County Back in 2021, for example, Days on Market was roughly half of today’s […]