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Buying & Selling How to Avoid the Most Common Buying/Selling Mistakes Posted in Buying and Selling by Tara Sharp How to Avoid the Most Common Buying/Selling Mistakes There’s nothing more exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling than buying a home. However, it’s a complex transaction, and there are a number of steps along the path that can confuse, betwixt, and befuddle even the most seasoned buyers and sellers. […]
Buying & Selling Planning for the Future: Housing Options to Consider Posted in Buying and Selling by Tara Sharp It should come as no surprise that 75% of the senior citizens polled in the latest AARP Preferences survey strongly agreed with the statement, “What I’d like to do is stay in my current residence as long as possible.” After all, home is where the heart is; […]
Buying & Selling Why So Many Americans Are Either Upsizing or Downsizing Posted in Buying, Selling, and Living by Shelley Rossi According to two recent surveys that took industry watchers by surprise, many family homeowners are putting frugality aside and upsizing to new houses that average as large as 2,480 square feet (an increase of as much as 13 percent from the year before), and sometimes exceed […]
Buying & Selling Time to De-Clutter? Some Tips for Selling Your Stuff Posted in Selling by Tara Sharp If you are looking around your home and thinking to yourself that it’s time to de-clutter, the winter months provide an ideal time to prepare for a garage sale. But if that sounds like too big of an undertaking, there are other options available to you thanks to popular […]
Architecture 5 Mid-century Modern Homes That Make the Most of Their Small Design Posted in and Architecture by Midcentury modern homes were small out of necessity. Money was in short supply after World War II, so architects and builders had to keep houses compact yet functional to stay within homeowners’ budgets. At the same time, lifestyles were changing. Smart architects took on a new approach and […]
Buying & Selling Six Key Factors That Affect the Sales Price of Your Home Posted in Selling by Tara Sharp Pricing a home for sale is not nearly as simple as most people think. You can’t base the price on what the house down the street sold for. You can’t depend on tax assessments. Even automatic valuation methods (AVMs), while useful for a rough estimate of value, are unreliable […]
Buying & Selling Affordable Tips To Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal Posted in Living and Windermere by Kenady Swan You’ll never have a second chance at a first impression, so let’s make it count! When it comes to upping your home’s curb appeal, there are plenty of small changes you can make that have a big impact. And best of all, you don’t need to call […]
Buying & Selling How Staging Your Home Well Impacts Its Value Posted in Selling by John Trupin   For more than 20 years, the benefits of staging a home have been well documented. Numerous studies show that staging helps sell a home faster and for a higher price. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 88 percent of homebuyers start their search online, forming impressions within […]
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Buying & Selling Don’t Get Spooked! These Are a Buyer’s Warning Signs of a Haunted House Posted in Buying by John Trupin While you hear a lot about ghosts in October, they’re actually a year-round phenomenon (and they’re not all as friendly as Casper). Specters come in all shapes and sizes in real estate, and they can be spookiest to prospective buyers. So, if you’re in the market for a home […]
Buying & Selling Home Inspections Matter So Be Sure to Get Them Right Posted in Selling by John Trupin For many people, a home inspection is a hurdle that has to be overcome during the process of buying or selling a home. But, in fact, it can be a useful tool for buyers, sellers or anyone who plans to get the greatest possible value from their home. Find […]
Architecture What is Modern? Posted in Architecture by Tara Sharp Sleek design, open floor plans, and great natural lighting are all appealing characteristics of modern architecture. Over the years, modern design concepts in home building have become more popular, as is the resurgence of interest in modern real estate. More companies, like 360 modern, are specializing in modern properties. […]
Buying & Selling How Restrictive Growth Policies Affect Housing Affordability In Many Cities How Restrictive Growth Policies Affect Housing Affordability In Many Cities Posted in Economics 101 Videos by Matthew Gardner, Chief Economist, Windermere Real Estate Windermere Real Estate Chief Economist Matthew Gardner explains how restrictive growth policies are affecting housing affordability in many cities.​      
Buying & Selling How Reliable Are Home Valuation Tools? Posted in Selling by John Trupin   What’s your home worth? It seems like a simple question, but finding that answer is more complicated than it might seem. Sites like Zillow, Redfin, Eppraisal, and others have built-in home valuation tools that make it seem easy, but how accurate are they? And which one do you […]
Buying & Selling Fall Perspectives 2018: Our Pledge To You Posted in Perspectives by Jill Jacobi Wood, OB Jacobi & Geoff Wood Change is afoot. We suppose it always is, but doesn’t it all seem to come at us so much faster in today’s world? We see change all around us. Just consider, for a moment, how much technology has changed our lives thanks to […]
Buying & Selling 5 Dangers of Overpricing a Home Posted in Selling by Windermere Guest Author   It is still a great time to be a seller, but in much of the Western U.S., the local real estate market has begun to soften. With significant increases in inventory, buyers now have more choices and less sense of urgency. If you are thinking about selling […]
Architecture Choosing the Right Backsplash for Your Kitchen Posted in Living by John Trupin Every chef’s kitchen should have a style that matches the delicious food that comes out of it. But even if you’re doing little more than making mac and cheese out of a box, your kitchen still can be a place of color and creativity. Kitchen backsplashes are nothing new, […]
Colorado Real Estate How Tax Reform Affects Homeowners By Sonja Riveland   New tax legislation was signed into law at the end of 2017, and it included some significant changes for homeowners. These changes took effect in 2018 and do not influence your 2017 taxes.  Here’s a brief overview of this year’s tax changes and how they may affect you*. The amount of […]
Colorado Real Estate Transforming Your House from a Summer Home to a Winter Hideaway Posted in Living by John Trupin None of us want to admit it, but Winter is Coming. The new season of Game of Thrones might not be until 2019, but your home will need preparation before then. As the days shorten, you can mitigate many mid-winter headaches with some preemptive prep. Proper weatherizing can help protect […]
Buying & Selling 5 Reasons Rising Interest Rates Won’t Wreck the Housing Market By Matthew Gardner, Chief Economist, Windermere Real Estate Interest rates have been trending higher since the fall of 2017, and I fully expect they will continue in that direction – albeit relatively slowly – as we move through the balance of the year and into 2019. So what does this mean for the US housing […]
Colorado Real Estate Outfitting Your Home to Survive the Threat of Wildfires By John Trupin Much of the Western United States is grappling with the same issue this summer – the specter of smoke and fire from some of the largest forest fires in recent memory. For individuals, even the decreased air quality can be a threat, while the destruction that the fires themselves can wreak is […]