Fun Facts May 26, 2023

2.5 Per Household

On average, up and down the Front Range, there are 2.5 people living in each household.

This is an important number to know as you read the stories about census data and population growth.

Obviously, as population grows, housing needs also grow.

For every 100 people added to the population, there needs to be 40 more housing units to accommodate those people.

Those housing units come in all shapes and sizes of course.  Some are for sale and some are for rent.

The projection is that by 2040, Northern Colorado (Larimer and Weld Counties) will have 1,000,000 people which is 300,000 more than today.

So, Northern Colorado needs a total of 120,000 more housing units or 7,000 per year.

Metro Denver will grow by 500,000 people in that same time frame and will need 200,000 more housing units or 12,000 per year.

Big population growth means big growth for housing.