Living March 5, 2018

Spring Home Trends

Throw open the windows and freshen up your space with some of these fun spring and summer design trends!

Decorative walls:

Whether you add a new bright color, paint a pattern, or install decorative wallpaper, creative walls are an easy and exciting way to enhance your space.

Decorative ceilings:

Freshen up your space with the unexpected. Install decorative tiles, wallpaper, or paint the ceiling a different color. Or think outside the box and add sculptural elements.

Brightly painted furniture:

Color is big this season! If you cannot paint your walls or ceiling, add a pop of color by choosing some statement furniture pieces to add color and interest to your room.

Customized stairs:

Put some pep in your steps with these creative ideas.

Glamorous tiles:

Over the last few years, tile has really become a fashion item for the home. Check out these styles when considering a backsplash or a bathroom renovation.

Gallery walls:

If you don’t have large statement art to fill a blank wall, consider curating your own gallery wall. You can alter the look for a modern space with uniform frames and images, or you can go eclectic with mixed frames and art styles.

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