Living February 2, 2018

New Year, Bold Home

“New year, new me” is so 2017. We thought we would change things up a bit because frankly, 2018 deserves better and so do you. This is the year to be bold. In fact, if there was a color named “bold” we would recommend it for your kitchen remodel. Once a month we will be showing you a different way to go bold with your home. These will be easy, inexpensive changes to add character and life to various rooms and spaces.

Our first? Colorful, crafty storage. Many New Year’s Resolutions include decluttering your life. Not only is this great for your house, but it can also be very therapeutic. However, instead of putting the same old containers or storage back on your shelves, opt for a modification. For those of you who are more DIY, try painting the lids of mason jars your favorite bright color. If you are more of an online shopper than DIY queen, we found some storage options that are cute and simple: These are the perfect solution to keeping your kids playroom tidy, while still feeling fun friendly. Try these for your office space that feels a little dull and in need of inspiration. If you’d rather do something more permanent, paint the back wall of your storage shelves, it adds dimension and character. If you don’t want to permanently color your bookcases, try fabric or wallpaper. If you choose wallpaper, tie in the color with the items that are filling the shelves (hint: match to your mason jars).

We’ve mandated that 2018 is the year to be bold, but to also have fun. So start by adding some color to otherwise boring old storage spaces! If you go bold with your home each month this year, you can bet that the ending of 2018 will be sweeter than last.

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