Living January 29, 2018

Seven Phases of Home Renovations

The 7 Phases of Home Renovations:

Phase 1: Get super pumped about an idea. Pin, pin, pin on Pinterest until you’re bursting with excitement. Tell everyone about your amazing project.

Phase 2: Collect materials. Realize things cost a lot. Begin project fueled by coffee, nervous anticipation and adrenaline.

Phase 3: Get halfway through the project. It doesn’t look exactly like your Pinterest board but it’s still cool. Realize you haven’t showered or shaved in +/- 3 days. But it’s all good because you’re 50% there!

Phase 4: There’s visible progress but it’s not totally done. It looks done on the Instagram photo though! But in reality, the project is about 85% complete and it bugs you every time you see that one grout line that needs a little attention or that one corner that needs a little touch up paint. It’s okay though, you’ll get to it this weekend.

Phase 5: Weeks have gone by. The blisters on your hands have healed. You stop noticing the grout line that needs filling or the wall that needs paint. You’re busy enjoying the house and admiring your clean fingernails.

Phase 6: Write a blog about how you’re still not done with that one bathroom you started two months ago.

Phase 7: Complete project, details included. Toast to celebrate. Post more photos to Instagram. Start dreaming of a new project. Pin, pin, pin…

Some people may say the hardest part of a renovation is starting the project. We say it’s that last pesky 5%. We’ll get it done . . . eventually.

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